My projects

Visual Effects

2D VFX Compositor TD & Pipeline Developer
2D compiositing and development of tools Nuke, Hiero, Maya, Blender. Programming in python, c++, jave, HTML, etc. Advanced knowledge of composition and develoment of tools, gizmos, and tech solutions in Nuke and Hiero.

Graduate in: Multimedia Engineering and Advanced Composition and Color Master degree


Filming documentary videos of events, parties and different types of stories. Filming of short films and promotional videos. Technical, theoretical and practical knowledge on the filming of short films, interviews and video documentaries. Extensive knowledge of video editing. Sound editing for embedding effects and setting in video. Musical knowledge and studies. Basic sound recording for video. Management and development of own projects. Great vision of possibilities and problem solving.

You can view more videos developed by me here.


You can watch the documentary video about the Moors and Christians Festivities in Villena with people from other countries. For which various interviews were conducted with the participants, in specific locations in the city, in advance and planning. In addition to the total coverage of the acts of the festivities. Video awarded with the 2nd Prize of the Video Kataki la Bajoka 2018 contest of the Fiestas de Villena organized by Villena Cuéntame and Sponsored by Fobesa Gestión de Medioambiente in collaboration with the Junta Central de Fiestas and Tourism Villena.

You can also view a video montage of trips made exclusively by me in a short period of time. You can see my full photography portfolio here.