Visual Effects

VFX Compositor -TD

2D compositing and development of tools Nuke and Hiero, Maya.Advanced knowledge of composition and develoment of tools, gizmos, and tech solutions in Nuke and Hiero. Rotoscoping, Plate cleaning, 3D Integration, color match. Editor Experience and color management knowledge for ACES in Nuke and Davinci.


Experience like TD in Pipeline. Specialized in developments for 2D: Composition and Editorial. Other skills for implementation and development of: FX (Effects simulation systems: SPH, PBD, Dock Mass, Land Generation, AI, …) and Pipeline (Large capacities for problem solving, tool creation and programming in Python, C++, C#, Java and web languages). Core programing and devtools development.

Latest works

Rigging & Pipeline in Blender || Internship at La Tribu Animation

Recently I finished my internship at La Tribu Animation and I leave here a small video showing what we did […]

Game of Bobs

We have recently re-rendered our final project of the animation course of the 3rd year of Multimedia Engineering. For this […]

Mírame | Short Film

Mírame | Short Film VFX Breakdown I recently made a short film against gender violence. The project was promoted within […]

FX – Simulation

Simulation and creation of effects.

  • Numerical integration (Euler explicit, Euler semi implicit, Heun or midpoint, RK2, RK4)
  • Knowledge and implementation of systems: PBD, SPH, spring mass, energy acceleration, …
  • Implementation and knowledge of particle systems: collisions, grids, hash, …

Tools Portfolio 
Development of tools. Programming in: C++, C#, Python, Java, web languages, etc.
Animation tools: Interpolation by different methods (linear, hermite, catmull rom), speed control, quaternion orientation.
Rigging tools such as pickers or utility tools.
Pipeline tools: Rigged model updates, links, etc.

VFX – Compositing

Composition and edition of plans. Extensive creative skills for visual design of images, especially in video. Composition by:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Blender
  • Davinci Resolve


Game of Bobs – Animation short film
Animated short film that recreates the end of the seventh season of GOT. Final project of the 3º G.I.M. Group of 3 students. Development of animation tools, interpolation methods, speed control through route integration, object orientation by quaternions and camera tracking. Attribute assignment tools and physical parameters for multiple objects, simplification for easier animation work. Animation by MOCAP, direct and indirect kinematics. Rigging of creatures and human bodies mixing animation methods for a better result. Breaking physics and fire effects. Project developed exclusively with Blender.

VFX – Edition

Shot and VFX desing. Knowledge of visual effects techniques for production supervision.