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VFX Breakdown

I recently made a short film against gender violence. The project was promoted within the university environment and carried out with budget 0. Now it is available on YT. You can view it here.

VFX Breakdown

Perform the VFX personally. In order to perform the invisible characters, he had to use different techniques but, without a doubt, the most complex plane was the frontal shot of the mirror. For this shot, I had to roll the action from two points of view, place a chroma instead of the mirror and replace the recording from the point of view of the camera in the mirror, in addition to correcting brightness and eliminating the body. The procedure for walking shots was similar, but without the replacement to create the reflex.
Another complex shot, especially of rolling, was the dripping of blood from the mouth. The initial idea was to drip blood from the mouth painted green. However, when we filmed we quickly realized that it presented many problems that the actress had to spit the blood directly from her mouth. Therefore it was decided to simulate with the hand. In spite of this, we had to deal with multiple lighting problems and to get the blood to drip properly.

You can check the VFX BreakDown, which shows the main shots


Director | Editor | VFX Supervisor

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