Rigging & Pipeline in Blender

Internship at La Tribu Animation

Recently I finished my internship at La Tribu Animation and I leave here a small video showing what we did in these practices.

The work was done by me and my partner Juan Esparza Romero and under the supervision and mentoring of Francesco Surace.

The practices consisted of the research and development of the use of #Blender in studio and assembly of #pipeline for modeling, rigging and animation. We investigated different rigging tools, we did performance tests with all of them and we looked for optimization methods for large sets. In addition, we rigged the character model of the Blender Spring short film and implemented two main tools. One to solve a pipeline problem, which allows you to update the model of a rigged character without breaking the rigging and another that allows you to build custom pickers within blender and make them work at the user level. It makes use of the optimized blender viewport to work as a picker.

It was a great experience and here is a part of the result.

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