Game of Bobs

Animation short film

We have recently re-rendered our final project of the animation course of the 3rd year of Multimedia Engineering. For this rendering we have available the AMD classroom of the University of Valencia. In which are computers with the latest models of high-end graphics. In this way we have managed to increase the quality of the render and drastically reduce its rendering time, especially with the effects such as fire that require volumetric rendering. Here you have the result.


The creation process

This short film was developed through the use of animation tools, interpolation methods, speed control through route integration, object orientation by quaternions and camera tracking. Attribute assignment tools and physical parameters for multiple objects, simplification for easier animation work. Animation by MOCAP, direct and indirect kinematics. Rigging of creatures and human bodies mixing animation methods for a better result. Breaking physics and fire effects. Project developed exclusively with Blender.

Motion capture was performed in the ETSE – UV capture room. In it we had enough equipment to recreate the movements of the dead, giants, watchmen of the wall and some of the movements of the dragon rider. Although this rider required a special rig that was linked to the dragon’s rig, in order to optimize time in this way, by making the movements in the dragon’s neck automatically affect the rider. Motion capture was done at 100 FPS, allowing us to slow down some animations such as those of the dead.

Here you can visualize the capture of the motion capture, and the final frame of the same moment process, in addition to the shots that can be displayed in the BTS video

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