Moors and Christians festivities

This year I participated in the video contest Kataki la bajoka organized by VillenaCuentame about the festivals of Moors and Christians in Villena. Participate with Abraham García and it is a pleasure to announce that our two videos have been awarded the 1st and 2nd prize of the contest.

First of all we made a short-documentary that reflected the breadth of the party, diversity and its beauty. It was a pleasure to have Edvard Khachatryan, Boryana Petrova, Feike Veldman and Adeline Dietrich. That allowed us to interview them to know their vision of the party. In addition to thanking María Dolores Gonzáles García and Jose Hernández Muñoz for their help In the organization.

We also make a music video montage, exclusively. This was intended to reflect the power, size and grandeur of the festivities. Behind this video there is a great previous and planning work, which we appreciate that it has been taken into account.
As always it is a pleasure to be able to capture the beauty of these festivities and we appreciate the support and sponsorship of Villenacuentame, Villena Tourism, Fobesa and La junta central de fiestas.

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